The preeminent solution
for remedying the valgus
deformity , prevalent in the US and Europe

calluses and bruises

Eliminates pain and discomfort when walking

Can be worn with all types of shoes

Stages of the condition– when is Valgomed necessary?

In accordance with laboratory research results, Valgomed is effective in both the primary and the prominent deformation stages

Valgomed's main advantages

Fits the foot perfeclty, without disrupting its esthetic appearance when you wear sandals or slippers

The elastic material reliably protects the skin between toes, prevents friction, calluses and scabs

The fixative is made of hypoallergenic silicone that doesn't provoke unwanted skin rashes

Provides proper position for your toes; is effective for overlapping toes or other uncomfortable toe positions.


Reasons for developing “bunions”




Tight shoes and high heels


Flat feet


Damage to nerve tissues (paralytic deformations)

Which problems does Valgomed solve?

Misalignment of the big toe
Skin inflammations, unwanted growths and calluses, bursitis (inflamed joint mucosa)
Flat-foot, both of the median and the lateral arch
Pain accompanying friction of the front part of the foot
Pain when walking!
Averts subsequent joint deformation
Reduces load and bruising of the joint
Prevents unhealthy joint alignment
Reduces load for the front part of the foot
Effectively gets rid of walking discomfort

Other procedures, their effectiveness and cost

• Local means

Can have side effects, i.e. allergic reactions. Weak effects.

Effectiveness: 12% Price: € 75.00

• Stretching, massage, physiotherapy

Can be effective at the early stages of the condition, but should not be considered a method of treatment by itself

Effectiveness: 25% Price: € 125.00

• Surgical intervention

Pain and post-operative complications, can provoke a bout of secondary deformation

Effectiveness: 54% Price: € 250.00

How to use Valgomed?

For positive therapeutic effect, it's necessary to use the fixative up to 6-10 hours a day. First visible changes are evident in 10-14 days

Using the fixative:

Step 1 - place at the toe

Step 2 - tightly squeeze the fixative to the toe


Valgomed can be worn with any type of shoe, and it's completely inconspicuous

The Valgomed fixative is meant for everyday use with all types of shoes. Because of its shape it adheres closely to the foot and is completely inconspicuous. Valgomed's elasticity completely removes the risk of harm to your toes. You can treat your “bunion” without any effort on your part, practically “on foot”!

Customer reviews of Valgomed's quality

Katarina, 35 years old

10 years ago I had my bunion removed surgically. Everything was fine at the beginning, but after a while it started again. Joint pain, bunion growing again, and I could barely walk. I tried to look on the Internet, but there it's full of snake-oil: for example, I found treatments with “eggs and salt”. I didn't want another operation. Well, after I came across Valgomed, there no need at all.

After 4 weeks

Jakobine, 48 years old

I'm only 4' 8'', but I have big feet. I also have no choice: I only wear high-heels. I got bunions that constantly hurt, and when I wear sandals my feet look terrible. Nothing helped, no physiotherapy, no other treatments. I tried Valgomed and in a few weeks everything went away!

After 2 months foot4
Reidi, 45 years old

The worst thing about bunions is that you can't wear any shoes at all. Everything hurts when you put it on, so much that I've developed a limp. And in the summer? I couldn't walk down the street. I stumbled upon an article on a medical website and decided to go for it. I ordered Valgomed and the initial results are impressive: no more pain. I hope this lasts and helps even further.

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